I had seen the idea of an open sided 6 pack case recently. I thought it was a great idea and used less material than a traditional 6 pack package. However, all the open side wraps I had seen had no real way of carrying or transporting the case. It would have been an awkward lift from the under side of the package. I decided to expand upon this existing idea and offer a simple solution. Two holes would be drilled in the top support piece, and a string handle would sit inside these holes. While sitting on display the handle would seem hidden, only until the customer needed the handle would it be pulled out and used. The type “Pabst Blue Ribbon” was hand lettered in order to flow with the shape on the ribbon.

Project featured in the student work section on Packaging of the World’s website:

Pabst Beer Packaging-Packaging of the World

6 pack
6 pack
6 pack
6 pack handle